The effort to dehumanize gun owners

Jim_CarreyThe latest tactic being employed against gun owners is to dehumanize them; to portray them as something less than a full-fledged member of society. Some have even called for the deaths of gun owners and advocates.

The most recent bigot to jump on the bandwagon is comedian Jim Carrey who tweeted that “Any[one] who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth protecting.

Let’s look at how many Americans he just insulted. Extrapolating from already released ATF data, the number of new guns purchased since the Newtown tragedy is somewhere around 4 million.  That’s right Jim … 4 million ‘soulless’ American’s who have the audacity to exercise their fundamental rights.

But you go ahead and denigrate them because it will make you popular amongst certain circles. I just hope you weren’t looking for those 4 million people to go see your next dreadful movie. For that matter, the other 100 million plus people who are already gun owners probably won’t go see it either.




However, Carrey isn’t the only one to embrace this tactic.  Fellow comedian Dave Foley tweeted “If your 1st response to the shooting of dozens of children was to rush out in a 2nd amendment frenzy to buy guns, you are a loathsome human.



Liberal commentator Bob Beckel went even further, saying that NRA members are “thugs” and that being a member of the NRA is like “supporting Hitler.”

And then we get to the truly disturbing comments.


Bestselling author Joyce Carol Oates tweeted that the Newtown tragedy was “NRA-sponsored.” She went on to say that politicians who support gun rights are guilty of “Felony homicide.

But wait, there’s more.

She then states that “If sizable numbers of NRA members become gun-victims themselves, [there] may be hope for legislation of firearms.”  And when questioned about this comment, she assures her followers that “I meant this seriously– not ironically.


Academics are getting in on the calls for violence as well. Erik Loomis who is the  Assistant Professor of American history at the University of Rhode Island tweeted that “[T]he National Rifle Association has murdered some more children.” and “I want Wayne LaPierre’s head on a stick.

He also said that paying your “NRA membership dues [is] contributing to a terrorist organization?

There has even been a video game released by anti-gun advocates which allows players to shoot NRA President David Keene.

I could continue giving example after example but clearly the fact that average American citizens are concerned about the future of liberty and are reacting by buying guns and ammo in record numbers is unsettling those who live in cultural isolation.

And they are reacting the way that bigots have always reacted … by declaring those they despise to be something less than human.  Do those tactics sound familiar?

Who really are the loathsome, soulless ones here?

About John Pierce

Monachus Lex is written by Virginia attorney John Pierce. John is a life-long gun rights advocate, an NRA certified instructor and co-founder of the nationwide gun rights group

He has an undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems, an MBA from George Mason University and is a 2012 Honors Graduate of Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, MN.

Professionally, John is a member of the American Bar Association Second Amendment Civil Rights Litigation Subcommittee and his writings have been published by the ABA Civil Rights Litigation Committee and the ABA Minority Trial Lawyer Committee.

In addition, his open carry advocacy has been featured on Nightline and The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.
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3 Responses to The effort to dehumanize gun owners

  1. Grapeshot says:

    When someone chooses to make personal attacks they demonstrate their lack of ability to offer intelligent discourse. Their inability to control their own emotional, knee jerk reactions is what causes their fear. Insult someone harshly enough and you will lose all credibility.

    These same high profile antis will pay others with guns to protect them, but deny us the right to take personal responsibility………..personally.

    If they are so anti gun, then they should fire their body guards, never call 911 and be required to wear a sign that says “I hate and fear guns.” Wonder how that would work out?

  2. TSgt B says:

    To: Jim, Dave, Bob, Joyce, and Erik:

    Since I spent about 20 years of my adult life in the uniform of my country, DEFENDING YOUR RIGHT(S) TO BE IGNORANT JACKASSES, I am more than qualified to say:



    Living up to your movie (Liar, Liar) eh, Jimmy?

    Bruce A. Beatty
    Technical Sergeant, USAF (Retired)

  3. James A. "Jim" Farmer says:

    Perhaps I’m being repetitive here. JPFO, Inc. at is worthy of the high
    moral ground on the Second Amendment firearms debate. Also, The John Birch
    Society in Appleton, Wisconsin (see These vicious attacks are simply
    class warfare against innocent honest gun owners, the NRA, and our constituional
    republic! Not since Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ): our worst American president in
    history ,have I seen such vindictive vicious venomous tirades against firearms and
    American gun owners! This isn’t happening by accident or by coincidence: it’s a
    pre-meditated and planned socialist political agenda to undermine our freedoms,
    civil liberties, and our nation! It’s nothing more than subversion and treason!

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