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Social Media Sites Pose Unique Challenges For Gun Owners

Early in May, the Federal Trade Commission’s Division of  Privacy and Identity Protection, which is tasked with overseeing issues related to consumer privacy, credit reporting, identity theft, and information security, completed an investigation into the business practices of California based Social Intelligence … Continue reading

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Maine Governor Signs Multiple Gun Bills

Maine Governor Paul LePage has signed three separate bills which expand gun rights in Maine. The first of these is LD 35, introduced by Representative Richard Cebra (R-Naples), which states that an employer cannot prohibit an employee who has a valid … Continue reading

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Wisconsin teacher fired for Facebook firearm picture

In an astonishing story of bureaucracy gone mad, Betsy Ramsdale, a Beaver Dam, WI Middle School teacher, has been suspended for the unspeakable act of actually displaying a photograph of herself handling a personally owned firearm on her Facebook page.  The … Continue reading

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