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BVU Authority Takes Down “No Guns” Sign

BVU Authority, which provides utility and state-of-the-art internet and telephone services to residents of Southwestern Virginia, started life as the Bristol Virginia Utilities Board. However, in 2010, the Virginia General Assembly passed the BVU Authority Act (§ 15.2-7200 et seq.). … Continue reading

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Virginia’s gun owners have a stark choice for governor

Tomorrow morning Virginians will go to the polls to elect our next governor.  And for gun owners the consequences couldn’t be more significant. Terry McAuliffe has abandoned all pretense of supporting the rights of gun owners and has fully embraced … Continue reading

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Radford University’s self-defense ban goes into effect even as VCU sees huge increase in crime against students

Last week’s Virginia Register contained the final publication of Radford University’s campus weapons ban. This may seem rather sudden to those familiar with the rather long and complex ‘notice and comment’ process by which most regulations are promulgated in Virginia. … Continue reading

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4th Circuit to hear oral arguments in two key gun rights cases

The oral arguments in Lane v. Holder (CA4 Case 11-1847) will take place next Tuesday, October 23rd at 9:30AM in room 201 (the ‘Green Courtroom’ ) of the Powell Courthouse in Richmond Virginia.  Lane is the first case docketed for the day … Continue reading

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University of Mary Washington finalizes their gun ban

“Because professors, staff and students are precluded from protecting themselves on campus, Cho, a student at Virginia Tech himself, was able to simply walk on campus and go on a killing rampage with no worry that anyone would stop him.” … Continue reading

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RU willing to render students defenseless?

“[Denying teachers, administrators, adult-students, and visitors the right to carry at the university] will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus.” – Virginia Tech VP Larry Hincker This quote never fails to make my blood boil. It is the … Continue reading

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Virginia vs the Austin Magic Pistol

Recently, a friend sent me a link to a article about vintage toys that would be considered wildly irresponsible by today’s consumer safety standards. The article itself was a hilarious read but what really caught my attention was the … Continue reading

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VCDL’s Roanoke County picnic was a rousing success

On Saturday last, VCDL held a picnic in Green Hill Park in Salem, VA.  The event, billed as the “Oh yes we can!” picnic garnered quite a bit of media attention. The picnic, which was attended by over 150 people … Continue reading

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LexisNexis-owned reports on open carry

For those who are unfamiliar with the site, is owned by legal services powerhouse LexisNexis. They bill themselves as “the biggest law-oriented website on the American internet [and are focused on providing] interesting, objective, and helpful legal information to people … Continue reading

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The Definitive Guide to Virginia’s Air Gun Laws

I use a WordPress plugin that allows me to monitor the number of visitors who have read each article and what website they came from.  Additionally, if they found the article by using a search engine, it shows me the … Continue reading

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