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What does a traitor look like?

“So what does a traitor look like?” That is a very good question. After all, a traitor is different than an enemy.  An enemy declares himself and opposes you openly.  But in order to become a traitor, someone first needs … Continue reading

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Why ‘universal background checks’ will inevitably lead to registration

I have a friend I attended law school with who is constantly stating that his family “owns over a hundred guns” while simultaneously supporting (at least partially) some of the Democrat’s proposals that I am most concerned by. His latest … Continue reading

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Democrat’s ‘Universal Background Check’ bill discriminates against same-sex couples

As if same-sex couples were not faced with enough social and legal bigotry, the so-called ‘Universal Background Check’ bill being pushed by Democrats adds the threat of being made a felon for simply going on a long business trip. “What?” … Continue reading

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Illinois Congresswoman says handgun bans are next

Illinois Democratic Congresswoman Janice Schakowsky wants to make one thing very clear … the attempt to ban so-called ‘assault weapons’ is only the beginning of the planned attack on the Second Amendment. Schakowsky made these comments to a reporter at the … Continue reading

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