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Maryland to appeal the ruling in Woollard v. Sheridan

As expected, the Maryland Attorney General’s office has filed a timely notice of appeal in the case of Woollard v Sheridan. The state had signalled their intention to appeal in a Motion For Immediate Stay Pending Appeal which they filed … Continue reading

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Permanent resident aliens have second amendment rights too

In Fletcher v. Haas [1.  Fletcher v. Haas (D. Mass. Mar. 30, 2012).  Available at], the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts held that Permanent resident aliens are included amongst ‘the people’ as the term is used in … Continue reading

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‘Substantive’ victory for gun owners

“I would follow what I believe was the original purpose of the Fourteenth Amendment-to extend to all the people of the nation the complete protection of the Bill of Rights. To hold that this Court can determine what, if any, … Continue reading

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