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Democratic mayors attempt to enact gun control via economic threats

The National Conference of Democratic Mayors wants more gun control and they are frustrated that, because of gun owners like you who vote, they cannot achieve it through legislation. So … they have a backup plan. They are going to use … Continue reading

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In DC anti-gunners appear immune to gun laws

It is becoming increasingly clear that anti-gun advocates, media personalities, and politicians are completely immune to the laws they insist the rest of us must abide by, at least in the District of Columbia. While average citizens and veterans who … Continue reading

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Senator Boxer wants to federally regulate carry permits

When defending draconian gun laws in DC, Illinois, and New York, Democrats are quick to point out that states should be free to adapt their laws to their specific needs despite any pesky constitutional amendments or civil rights. President Obama … Continue reading

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Democrats attack gun manufacturers access to banking

Vice-President Biden sent an email to supporters today in which he touted the Obama Administration’s efforts to pass gun control. In the email, Biden continued to pander to gun-owning Democrats by promising that “Every step we intend to take will … Continue reading

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Obama Administration declares war on gun owners

Today on Meet the Press, President Obama told accused criminal David Gregory that, during his second term, he would put his “full weight” behind a gun control agenda. He went on to mock the suggestion put forward by the NRA, … Continue reading

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Bob Costas’ idea of an ‘apology’ is yet another attack on gun owners

Bob Costas is in trouble with football fans, a large majority of which are gun owners, and his insulting attempt at an apology is only adding fuel to the fire. But let’s start at the beginning. It all started with … Continue reading

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Hollywood Hypocrite: Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s column about Hollywood’s evolving take on gun rights, comes the tale of yet another star who profits greatly from glorifying guns in film while apparently embracing gun control for all us ordinary mortals. The star … Continue reading

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Election 2012: The battle of the platforms

The presidential race is entering it’s final phase and the rhetoric is really heating up. With all of the political doublespeak from both candidates, it is often hard for people to decide which party would best represent their interests. But … Continue reading

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What would ‘President Romney’ really mean for gun owners?

“Deadly assault weapons … are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.” – Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney As the Republican National Convention comes to a close, it … Continue reading

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There are no ‘assault weapons’

Shortly following the Aurora tragedy, a non-gun-owner friend of mine, obviously upset, began to question me about why I supported ownership of ‘deadly assault weapons.’ Even as he continued his extended, impassioned diatribe, I could tell that he was yet … Continue reading

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